Patient Estimates


This is an estimate of charges and is not a guarantee of insurance coverage, actual billed charges, or your total bill. UK Healthcare makes no guarantee of the charge information being provided because the charges are strictly an estimate. Additional fee or services may be needed for your care, which may not be included in this estimate, such as but not limited to physician, anesthesia, or pathology fees. Your total out of pocket cost depends on many factors, such as your specific health insurance benefit and coverage, and the services you receive. Actual charges may vary depending on your medical condition, unknown or unforeseen circumstances or complicates, a change in your treatment plan, additional tests or services needed, or your final diagnosis and treatment recommended by your care provider. This estimate is subject to change. Please check with your health insurance benefits office if you need help understanding your benefits. Persons who have no insurance coverage or who obtain medically necessary services not covered by a health insurance policy may be eligible for a discount on charges. If you have questions about this or any other estimate, please call 859-562-0881.

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